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You could find out more about Atsenti products by browsing the pages of our website, visiting, contacting our customer service department, or speaking with a consultant at any participating retailer of natural health products. For additional information on the specific quality certification of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Exclusive Technology

 Our researchers have developed an extraction, isolation and purification process that is 100% natural, and preserves the complete integrity of raw materials, based on which the government of Canada has granted an exclusive worldwide licence to ATSENTI.It consists of a purification procedure for proanthocyanidin extracted from the bark of white pine trees, developed as a result of a collaborative research agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. This exclusive procedure makes it possible to obtain an extremely pure extract with a very high concentration of active ingredients, at more than 400 P.V.U.*


Exceptional Quality

The primary raw material in our products, the Canadian white pine, grows in the Boreal forest, far from pollution. Therefore, not only is our raw material extracted from this beneficial species of tree, but it is also absolutely pure. That is to say it is free of any residue from fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and synthetic fungicides, as well as industrial or other types of pollutants.

The quality guidelines regarding natural products established by the government are basically general requirements and do not always guarantee a high standard of effectiveness. Hence, Atsenti’s constant focus is to implement specific measures that guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products, far beyond the minimum standards in order to contribute to greater health for all of us.


For instance, the product used to relieve osteoarthritic pain contains devil’s claw. All extracts of devil’s claw are regulated at a ratio of 4:1. Typically, all devil’s claw root extracts available on the market comply with this 4:1 ratio, meaning every milligram of extract contains the equivalent of 4 milligrams of devil’s claw root. It is therefore easy to assume that all these products are equal in quality.

However, it is not unusual for the raw material used to produce the extract, devil’s claw root, to only contain 0.1% harpagoside, the key active ingredient. So an extract produced from such raw material, in compliance with this 4:1 ratio, only contains a mere 0.4% of harpagoside. Unfortunately, companies are not bound to specify this distinction on their label.

Seeing as our goal is to offer products of the highest standards of quality, we have committed ourselves to maintaining the integrity of the raw material so that it holds a minimum concentration of 1% of harpagoside. Consequently, our extract actually contains a minimum of 4% of harpagoside. The integrity of the herb, which ensures its overall natural effectiveness is therefore preserved, ultimately making our product vastly superior to any other on the market. See the real difference firsthand!

Here is yet another example of the superiority of our manufacturing process: the overall effectiveness of turmeric used in products depends on the concentration of curcumanoids, namely “curcumin” on the one hand, and in the volatile fractions on the other.

In many products currently on the market, the manufacturing techniques used have unfortunately eliminated nearly all volatile components from the extracted product following the drying process. As a consequence, the products available on shelves may in fact be natural, but are incomplete and much less effective.

In order to preserve the natural integrity of the turmeric extract, and its overall effectiveness, we have implemented several technological procedures to offer you a product of the highest quality. As a matter of fact, you will immediately recognize this from the intense aroma that is characteristic of turmeric as soon as you open the box.

Another challenge to overcome when using turmeric is its bioavailability, which is nevertheless an essential component. In fact, the active ingredients found in turmeric are barely absorbed by the human body. Compensating by increasing the doses is utterly useless, and could even prove harmful. The measures that we have implemented allow us to overcome this difficulty and offer a bioavailable product that the body can absorb more easily.


The Synergistic Effect of Proanthocyanidin and Medicinal Herbs

 Yet another special feature particular to the AnneddaTM line of products is the capacity of proanthocyanidins to work in synergy with medicinal herbs. First and foremost, this results in building a strong foundation for great health, a barrier that protects all the organs in the human body, thus preventing any problems at the source. However, this approach may also helps damaged organs or tissues to regenerate when necessary, in order to effectively and completely overcome any health problems.

Hence, the AnneddaTM line truly offers you a trusted, preferred, quality product that just makes sense! Whenever you use products from the AnneddaTM line, you will discover that their effectiveness is vastly superior to any other product on the market.