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Think-Care-Heal. This is the meaning of ATSENTI  in the language of the First Nations. Think-Care-Heal, this is the motto and overall mission of the ATSENTI laboratory.


In fact, the main goal of ATSENTI is to contribute to the prevention of disease and improve the health of the entire population. All our efforts work towards this end. Consequently, ATSENTI strives to offer the public an effective and safe solution to a wide range of health problems through natural health products of the highest quality.


The main active ingredient developed by ATSENTI is proanthocyanidin, an extract of Canadian pine bark. Proanthocyanidin is the product of extensive research conducted in collaboration with the Saint-Hyacinthe Food Research and Development Centre, theCRDAin St-Hyacinthe of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


Proanthocyanidin is an age-old and even historical active compound. A powerful, natural, broad-spectrum antioxidant with many beneficial effects. We owe it to ourselves to rediscover this product! We believe that it is among the best medicinal ingredients to be found in nature. This is what our researchers have done, made it possible for ATSENTI to offer the public unique products whose benefits are truly outstanding.

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